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Social Media Risk v OppsSocial media in your business: The Risks vs. The Opportunities

Recorded: April 13 | 2011    View Webinar

The widespread private use by employees is embraced by many businesses in their communications. The policies and procedures on the proper business use of social media should address the protection of intellectual property, but also consider and respect the interest of preserving the public domain and fair use/dealing, of stimulating fair competition and innovation.

Following the distinction in legal cultures, every regulator of financial markets and services providers has its own, separate compliance framework. Nevertheless, many regulators expect or even require that parties under regulation have supervisory policies, procedures, systems and internal controls to monitor all electronic communications technology used by the party and its associated persons to conduct the business of the party. Join us in this live webinar as we discuss:

  • The need for effective strategies and policies.
  • Social media compliance policies, and some case studies.
  • Protection of (fair use of) intellectual property.
  • Regulatory requirements on the use of social media.

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Boris AgranovichBoris Agranovich is a Globally experienced specialist with comprehensive background in consultancy, finance, risk and analysis. He has worked successfully at all levels and advised executive teams on effective risk management strategies. These range from regulatory requirements such as Basel II to strategic risk propositions such as defining and setting risk appetite and embedding risk management through the organisation.

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