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btermPCI Compliance

Recorded: 25 March 2010

About this summit
Payment card industries (PCI) are mandating that organizations analyze their applications for security vulnerabilities with an eye towards protecting customers' sensitive data. This summit will discuss the updated PCI Data Security Standards and how it will impact you. It will also cover how to effectively implement security on the network infrastructure to be compliant with the credit card industry guidelines and to protect sensitive and personally identifiable information. Go to Summit


cloudsecCloud Security

Recorded: 11 March 2010

About this summit
Cloud computing is gaining popularity in that companies are interested in lowering IT and support staff costs that cloud services promise. However, as cloud services are still new to the industry and with standards for cloud security just emerging, customers are hesitant to move their data into the cloud and are concerned with the potential security risks. Industry experts will exchange views and address the issue of trust within the cloud environment and discuss emerging policies to meet compliance. Furthermore this summit will uncover the risks within cloud security, the barriers to adoption and ways to mitigate these risks. Go to Summit


btermSOA Governance

Recorded: 25 Feb 2010

About this summit
This summit will cover the SOA Governance framework and standards already in place to help enterprises ensure the developments of services are adding value to the businesses, while also achieving business alignment with IT. Industry experts and analyst groups will demonstrate best practices and strategies for implementing SOA in enterprise organizations, as well as, putting policies in place to effectively manage the architecture to align with business initiatives and meet the overall goal of lowering cost and adding flexibility. Go to Summit


btthreatData Loss Prevention

Recorded: 11 Feb 2010

About this summit
The volume of data that organizations generate and manage is increasing yearly. However, not everyone may be aware of how to properly safeguard this sensitive data and to meet compliance requirements. This summit will dive into the important elements of an overall strategy and the technology solutions used to identify, classify, protect and manage the sensitive information that passes through the organization. Go to Summit


btermIT Risk Management

Recorded: 26 Jan 2010

About this summit
This summit will focus on ways to help businesses manage a new set of risks, arising from new regulations, alliances, and litigation. Leading industry leaders will share case studies, best practices and strategies to help businesses determine which steps must be taken to protect their information, and figure out what technology, product, or processes they need to mitigate their risk. Go to Summit

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