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ecmPublic, Private & Hybrid Clouds

Recorded: 15 Dec 2009

About this summit
In today's economy, implementing a cloud infrastructure at your company is a big financial decision and leaves no room for mistakes. With private, public and hybrid cloud models available, it is important to choose the correct combination of cloud services to reduce cost and efficiently manage your data. The experts at this summit will show you how to financially budget and manage your cloud infrastructure, decide how to distribute your workload in to the cloud and will give you an overview of what services are available in the market today. Go to Summit


btthreatIntrusion Prevention

Recorded: 12 Jan 2010

About this summit
Successful network attacks have become so common that they are no longer news. With so much at risk, businesses are under pressure to take a proactive approach to IT security by implementing a flawless security management program to help reduce the impact of these attacks, prevent breaches from happening and meet compliance needs. This summit will cover current trends in intrusion prevention systems, the total economic impact of network security intrusion prevention, and best practices and strategies to protect your database from the inside out. Go to Summit


configConfiguration and Change Management

Recorded: 14 Jan 2010

About this summit
Change & Configuration Management must successfully integrate with multiple data sources and participants to track changes and maintain accurate, secure data for business decision making. This summit will shed light into a complicated configuration that, when done right with low cost of adoption and well-integrated data discovery, can effectively manage the IT environment, improve business process, and drive efficiency. Case studies combined with industry experts and analysts will demonstrate best practices for implementing and managing complete and accurate configuration and change management systems.  
Go to Summit


ediscE-Discovery: Global and in the Cloud

Recorded: 10 Dec 2009

About this summit
This E-Discovery Summit will help you adapt to this new world, and build the enterprise teams that can respond to and fulfill legal requirements. You will learn how to manage your data so that your company lawyers, IT/security professionals and records managers can collaborate and develop a management strategy. Go to Summit


btthreatEndpoint Security

Recorded: 8 Dec 2009

About this summit
As security threats continue to increase and become more sophisticated, organizations will continue to face many strategic business challenges and IT administrators will need to implement layers of defenses to protect corporate data. Especially since the workforce is becoming increasingly mobile, remote access to sensitive information is inevitable, along with the risk of data leakage as well. Presentations will cover the changing landscape of endpoint security, managing endpoints in different environments, best practice advice on enabling mobility without compromising security, and reducing costs while doing so. Go to Summit

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