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cloudsecCloud Security

Recorded: Sept 09 2010

About this summit
In the last few years, cloud computing has become one of the fastest growing segments of the IT industry. However, as more and more information on individuals and companies is placed in the cloud, concerns are beginning to grow about just how safe the cloud environment is. The experts at this summit will look into the current state of cloud computing, provide an update on standards, as well as highlight best practices for overcoming security issues faced by cloud providers & customers today.   

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btermLog Management & SIEM

Recorded: Aug 19 2010

About this summit
Every company with IT has logs, but not necessarily a systemized way to manage them. As the focus seems to be on both compliance and security, companies are looking into log management & SIEM to manage the overwhelming amount of logs and security events, as well as analyze the large volumes of diverse logs in an effective and efficient manner. At this summit, industry experts will clear up any lingering questions regarding log and event management, provide practical tips on managing and taking control of your logs and take a look into the future to see what is ahead for log standards and trends. Go to Summit


btthreatData Loss Prevention

Recorded: 5 August 2010

About this summit
As the creation of data volumes increase, companies need to evaluate their data loss prevention programs to prevent loss at all points extending to both virtual and mobile endpoints. In this summit experts will share their best practices of DLP within a collaborative and mobile environment. Furthermore, discussions will explore the need for DLPaaS and will provide critical updates to global compliance issue. Go to Summit


btermIT Risk 2.0

Recorded: 22 July 2010

About this summit
As the IT landscape continues to evolve, the prevalence of emerging technologies such as social media, enterprise mobility, and cloud based resources brings new challenges for IT organizations and line of business managers. This summit will feature presentations on the best practices for implementation of IT risk management, risks of emerging web 2.0 technologies, key areas of cost savings, and how to evaluate ROI of adopting new technologies. Go to Summit


btthreatIntrusion Prevention

Recorded: 8 July 2010

About this summit
With network attacks becoming more frequent and persistent, it is imperative that a holistic security management program is in place to prevent breaches from occurring and to also comply with regulations. At this summit, leading experts will look at the emerging threat landscape and provide tips to ensure your security management program can best overcome these new challenges in intrusion prevention. It will also cover key aspects in detecting, patching and immunizing your network to prevent repeated attacks from occurring. Go to Summit

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