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top_titlebar_logoDocument and Records Management: Controlling Information Risk and Aiding Compliance

Butler Group, June 2008, Pages: 324

Many early Document and Records Management (DRM) deployments were rolled out at the departmental level as point solutions to address a single issue. Now these organisations are extending their deployments enterprisewide to address compliance requirements or to deliver an integrated information management strategy.


wintergreenEnterprise Content Management Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, 2008 to 2014

WinterGreen Research, Inc., Jan 2008, Pages: 728

This research announces that it has a new study on enterprise content management markets. Systems are poised for significant growth as people move to purchase for new marketing and Web based applications based on XML and Web technologies.

Enterprise content management (ECM) systems are basic infrastructure for unstructured information. Unstructured information is becoming more structured as it is tagged with XML tags and managed in components enabling reuse and repurposing of content.


Frost and SullivanAddressing Regulatory Changes Through Organisational Change in a Converging Market. The BT Case

Frost & Sullivan, June 2007, Pages: 34

This Frost & Sullivan research titled Addressing Regulatory Changes Through Organisational Change in a Converging Market. The BT Case provides an analysis of the impact of BT's Enterprise Act undertakings on the company's organisational structure as well as its operations. In this study, Frost & Sullivan's expert analysts thoroughly examine the UK regulatory environment and its effects on the British incumbent telecom operator.


business_intelligenceWorld-Class Change Management

Business Intelligence [part of Optima Media Group]

World-class Change Management outlines the new rules for managing in an era of continuous change. Making change happen in today's environment involves mastering co-operation, collaboration, transparency and behavioural change among other disciplines - this Report shows you how to integrate these elements into your change practices.



Worldwide Business Process Management (BPM) Market Opportunities Strategies, and Forecasts, 2009 to 2015

WinterGreen Research, Inc., June 2009, Pages: 609

Systems are poised for significant growth as Web based applications are used to implement automated process. A business process management system has many aspects related to a range of industries moving to leverage the Internet as a channel.

Real time analysis of information is being used to position companies to achieve competitive advantage. Cloud computing is a central aspect of the BPM initiative, providing up to date information in a usable format. Companies are implementing BPM solutions in the context of cloud computing that provides syntax to business users.

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