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www.lumension.comSix Critical Elements to Achieve Economies in NERC CIP Compliance

Utilities are under increasing pressure for accountability bearing down from several angles. The calls to manage IT risk and compliance forces them to rethink how they approach compliance economically and strategically.


contouralth10 Best Practices for Archiving

Although data privacy and identity theft have a higher profile in the minds of consumers, data retention issues can have a far greater financial impact on businesses. Every company, whether public or private, large or small, must have a policy and enforcement system to deal with the messages and files generated by the organization every day.


SAPGovernance, Risk, and Compliance Management: Realizing the Value of Cross-Enterprise Solutions

This paper explains SAP's vision for a cross-enterprise governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solution and the benefits it can provide, defines key terms, and discusses what to look for when evaluating GRC software options.


IBMProfiting from PCI Compliance

Working together, the major payment card providers have developed a set of data security standards and created a council for enforcing them. Although the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) has become a global requirement, many organizations are lagging in compliance.


SAPIncreasing Business Agility: An Integrated Approach to Governance, Risk, and Compliance Management

This SAP Executive Insight focuses on helping executives determine: What are the consequences of today's typical GRC approaches?


CyberSourceEnterprise Payment Security 2.0

There's no doubt protecting payment information during transmission, processing and storage is a business imperative. But, the current "lock-down" approach, which focuses on encrypting payment data within your environment, has proven inadequate, unmanageable, or both. Think about it.


CyberSource2010 Payment Management Project Guide

As the economy begins to show signs of a pending recovery, medium and large businesses continue to shift their attention from payment processing to payment processing management-meaning, there's an increasing emphasis on improving the process of managing payments throughout the entire order acceptance lifecycle, not just transacting a payment at the time of sale.


CyberSource2010 CyberSource Fraud Report

This report is based on a survey of U.S. and Canadian online merchants. Decision makers who participated in this survey represent a blend of small, medium and large-sized organizations based in North America. Merchant experience levels range from companies in their first year of online transactions to some of the largest e-retailers and digital distribution entities in the world.


QualysPCI Compliance For Dummies!

Welcome to PCI Compliance For Dummies! Compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) is mandatory if your company stores, processes, or transmits payment cardholder data. This book is all about understanding PCI and how merchants can comply with its requirements.


qualysWinning the PCI Compliance Battle: A Guide for Merchants and Member Service Providers.

This white paper reviews the basics of PCI, including who must comply, compliance requirements, validation requirements and penalties. It also examines key things to look for when selecting a PCI network testing service and introduces QualysGuard PCI.


www.lumension.comDemystifying IT Risk to Achieve Greater Security and Compliance

Managing IT risk is part of running any business, helping you increase security, reduce management costs and achieve greater compliance. Corporate leaders who fail to identify, assess and mitigate IT risk are setting themselves up for security breaches and financial losses. Read this paper to learn how to effectively assess IT risk and manage compliance.


www.lumension.comReducing the Cost of Achieving PCI Compliance with Lumension® Compliance and IT Risk Management

This whitepaper will examine PCI DSS and explain how Lumension® Compliance and IT Risk Management can help organizations reduce the cost of addressing compliance by streamlining and automating the IT audit process, unifying control and compliance frameworks, automating assessment and remediation processes, and enabling continuous monitor­ing of their compliance and IT risk management posture.


www.lumension.comSix Critical Elements to Achieve Economies in FISMA Compliance

A FISMA compliance approach that relies on a manual and labor-intensive process can produce mountains of paper and electronic documents that no one can organize and make sense of. Such a compliance strategy results in overwhelming confusion where the assumption is that everything is in place because personnel are too busy to make sense of it all: that is, until things break down and all the fingers are pointed at the agency. This whitepaper highlights the six critical elements agencies should keep in mind in order to reduce the burden of FISMA compliance, while achieving greater control and security.


www.lumension.comAchieving Compliance with the Massachusetts Data Protection Law

By March 1, 2010, all organizations with operations and/or customers in the state of Massachusetts will be required to follow comprehensive information security requirements regarding both paper and electronic records containing personal information. These requirements include enforcing password security, encrypting all personal information stored on laptops and removable devices and ensuring up-to-date firewall protection, operating system patches and the latest versions of security agent software. Read this whitepaper to learn how your organization can meet the necessary requirements and improve its security practices.

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