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File Integrity Monitoring: Compliance and Security for Virtual and Physical Environments

Read this white paper to find out the first solution to effectively combine configuration assessment and file integrity monitoring, enabling automated and sustainable configuration control throughout virtual and physical infrastructures.


www.ostermanresearch.comConvincing Decision Makers of the Critical Need for Archiving

This white paper discusses the various reasons to archive email and other electronic content. However, it goes beyond that to provide some concrete reasons and justification for deploying and maintaining an archiving system, most of which are based on the cost savings that archiving can provide - both direct cost savings and reduced costs arising from lowered risk.


WireheadSound Bank Secures Information, Reassures Customers with Regular Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing

Sound Bank, headquartered in Morehead City, North Carolina, has grown over years of operation from an upstart bank with twelve employees to a thriving community bank with $133 million in assets, business has expanded, the Bank has made it a policy to protect their valuable financial information by conducting regular vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.


WireheadThe Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation Protects Tribal and Government Information with Extensive Penetration Testing

The Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation Protects Tribal and Governmental Information with Extensive The Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation members, half of whom live on tribal land in North Carolina near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.


WireheadThorough Testing Secures Canal Insurance Company's Web Applications and Sensitive Information

Canal Insurance Company has insured commercial truckers for over 60 years. Headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina, the company provides a wide range of insurance products through a nationwide network of independent agents.


IBMA smarter approach to archiving

Today, almost anything across an enterprise's systems can be made digitally aware and interconnected. And given the business challenges of a smaller, flatter and more complex world, rethinking what information we store and how our information infrastructures work is a must.


Information Security & Multi-Compliance: Avoiding Audit Fatigue with a Single IT Compliance Strategy

Read this white paper about a tactical guide enabling you to take action and achieve operational excellence.


Reducing Downtime and Business Loss: Addressing Busines Risk with Effective Technology

IDC customer-based studies show that using appropriate technology in consistent ways helps small and medium-sized (SMB) organizations, even as they address changing requirements.


Smarter State Government Processes in 2010 - Enabling Citizen-Centric Processes and more!

Smarter State Government Processes in 2010 - Enabling Citizen-Centric Processes, Transforming Service Delivery and Reducing Costs with IBM WebSphere ILOG Business Rule Management System (BRMS) Technology


Cost Effective Security and Compliance with Oracle Database 11g Release 2

The increasingly sophisticated nature of information theft, and the continued emergence of new data privacy protection regulations worldwide, requires strong data security.


Right from the Start: SOA Lifestyle Governance

Service-oriented architectures (SOAs) promise unlimited agility and organizational flexibility. However, achieving these benefits is entirely contingent upon the ability to effectively manage the SOA environment across the enterprise. This paper presents an overview of strategies and practices for governing the transformation to, and the evolution of, SOA.


How A Global Network Solution Affects Business Continuity

Virtela is unique in its ability to meet these challenges for the enterprise participating on the global stage. This paper outlines the capabilities and benefits of Virtela's Global Service FabricSM.


bearingpointAccess management and segregation of duties: solving the conundrum

Published: March 2009 - Access management (AM) and segregation of duties (SoD) controls have become increasingly important to executives and corporate managers responsible for preventing fraud, ensuring the security of enterprise information systems, and complying with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and other regulations.


Get the EMA Paper on Workload Automation

This paper, from industry analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates, explores how workload automation can help IT reduce outages, consolidate vendors, improve integration, and cut costs. Learn more. Download the white paper, "IT Automation: Going Beyond the Obvious to Find Real Cost Savings."

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