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FISMA Prescriptive Guide

Discover how to achieve and maintain FISMA compliance to ensure security of systems and data.

www.lumension.comReduce the Cost of Achieving HIPAA Compliance with Lumension Solutions

Healthcare organizations face a host of HIPAA Security Rule compliance challenges with the move to put patient medical records online.


www.mxlogic.comReducing Messaging & Web Security Costs with Managed Services

- An Osterman Research white paper, sponsored by MX Logic

Security costs are large & growing, with technical countermeasures dominated by on-premise licensed solutions. Companies wrestling with providing stronger security and meeting compliance requirements are seeking more efficient ways to provide security.


www.mxlogic.comThe Security Implications of Web 2.0

The collaborative benefits of Web 2.0 technologies have fueled rapid growth in online consumer markets and now are being adopted by businesses worldwide. With these technologies come new types of attack vectors.


mxlogicThe Unique Benefits of Email Archiving in the Cloud

The growing volume of user email messages is escalating storage requirements and increasing the pressure on traditional email archiving solutions. Maintaining email archives to meet security, compliance or business policies is a struggle, with traditional in-house solutions facing a never-ending cycle of decreasing performance and increasing investments in costly technology.


HIPAA and Beyond: An Update on Healthcare Security Regulations for Email

Social networks, blogs, and Twitter might be getting all the press these days, but email remains the most important communications channel for business. Email even surpasses the telephone in frequency of use, according to a 2009 study by Osterman Research.


reducing_the_cost_of_acheiving_pciAchieving PCI DSS v1.2 Compliance with Lumension

This whitepaper will examine PCI DSS and explain how Lumension® Compliance and IT Risk Management can help organizations reduce the cost of addressing compliance by streamlining and automating the IT audit process, unifying control and compliance frameworks, automating assessment and remediation processes, and enabling continuous monitor­ing of their compliance and IT risk management posture.


The Importance of an Information Strategy

The implementation of an information strategy is critical to your organization's business success and key to sustaining your competitive advantage. IBM's Information Agenda has been specifically designed to help. Philip Howard of Bloor Research has helpful insights on getting started.


Information on Demand and the Information Agenda: The Complete Story

This demo explores the Information on Demand strategy and discusses the 5 entry points to IOD - manage data over its lifetime, optimize content based operational and compliance processes, establish govern and deliver trusted information, optimize business performance, and the Information Agenda.


The Threat of Identity Theft: How Identity Verification and Authentication Work as a Team

Consumers and business alike are faced with the ever-growing threat of identity theft. In 2007 alone, the total amount of all identity theft and fraud losses was over $1.2 billion. There were over a quarter of a million complaints of identity theft filed by consumers that year, and that number, while daunting, still does not give a true sense of the scope of the problem.


Take a holistic approach to business-driven security

Take a business-level view of security and risk management, so you can prioritize security activities and focus on those that make the most strategic sense. With this white paper, learn to direct resources to mitigate risk and costs.


Secure Your Domains. Secure Your Business.

Hackers have recently turned to a new attack vector: hijacking site addresses. Attacks against domain name registration accounts and the hijacking of domain name system records are profoundly disruptive and dangerous to business.


New data protection strategies

As the demands for data capacity and higher service levels grow, protecting corporate data becomes more challenging. Continuous Data Protection, as discussed in this white paper by Evaluator Group and IBM, can cost-effectively improve security with As the demands for data capacity and higher service levels grow, protecting corporate data becomes more challenging.


Trust but verify.managing and auditing privileged users

Discover the hidden dangers posed by privileged users and the damages they have caused. This webcast features two senior analysts from Burton Group Identity and Privacy Strategies, as well as IBM identity and access management solutions address this security and compliance challenge.

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