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 Oracle Recovery Manager Design Best Practices with Data Domain

Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) is a built-in tool that allows the Database Administrator (DBA) to easily backup and recover the data in an Oracle database. RMAN handles the coordination required to ensure that transaction integrity is preserved and sufficient information is maintained to recover the database to any appropriate point.


16 Metrics for IT Service & Support

A first-call resolution rate is only a partial indicator of overall performance of the IT Helpdesk. Yet, most IT organisations just look at basic Level 1 metrics, leaving out critical pieces of the story and grossly underselling the IT organisation's business value.


 Seven Ways ITIL Can Help You in an Economic Downturn

IT Infrastructure Library® (ITIL®) best practices promote a well-functioning, collaborative IT environment that can enable the business and your IT organization to cope with the effects of economic stress.


www.lumension.comMassachusetts Data Protection Law

The general compliance deadline for 201 CMR 17 was initially set for January 1, 2009, but it has been pushed to January 1, 2010 in response to concerns3 from a variety of businesses large and small, industry organizations and other affected organizations.


www.lumension.comAchieving NERC Cyber Security Standards Compliance with Lumension

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation(NERC) is a non-profit corporation chartered to ensure that the bulk electric system in North America is reliable, adequate and secure.


www.lumension.comFive Ways to Reduce Your Audit Tax

Taxes are certainly not fun, but there is something worse: an audit. Combine the two in a risk and compliance scenario and you have the onerous "audit tax," a figurative term used to describe the expenses a company incurs when deploying resources and manpower to satisfy the burgeoning set of internal and external compliance and audit mandates.


www.lumension.comIT GRC: Managing Risk, Improving Visibility, and Reducing Operating Costs

For all organizations with current or planned initiatives in the area of IT governance, risk management, and compliance (IT GRC), this report describes the policy, planning, process, and organizational elements of successful implementations.


Too Many Files? NAS Is the Answer

The usual cure for exploding file volumes is to add more general purpose file servers. That strategy eventually leads to server sprawl, which brings with it more management complexity, stranded disk capacity, wildly differing storage utilization rates and slower file access.


The Real Story about Storage Grids: The Future of Enterprise Storage

Enterprise storage managers sometimes encounter misconceptions about the storage grid, which is a flexible new approach to enterprise storage.


How to Profit from Mind-blowing Amounts of Data

If you thought an increasingly paperless business world and tougher data retention policies were causing a data explosion, you were right - partly right. Today, another trend is causing storage to multiply at shocking rates:

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