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VoltageSolution Brief: Voltage Secure Commerce

Presenting the Voltage Secure Commerce solution. It's been described by customers as innovative, revolutionary and game-changing. However, to us, the Voltage Secure Commerce solution is simply a smarter, more effective and more affordable way to protect credit card data, PII, and private data.


VoltageSolution Brief: Voltage Enterprise Cloud Security

Enterprises adopting cloud-based IT applications and services achieve dramatic cost and competitive advantages, and those advantages appear to be accelerating with new technology enablers around mobile, Big Data, and SaaS applications.


www.fixmo.comEnabling Your Business through Mobile Risk Management

In recent months, the consumerization of IT (CoIT), the bring-your-own device (BYOD) trend, and the seismic shifts happening in enterprise IT due to the rise of social technologies, mobile devices, apps, cloud computing and other disruptive forces have taken center stage with CIO's, industry thought leaders and analysts alike.


www.fixmo.comFixmo SafeZone™ Product White Paper

Fixmo SafeZone is a secure workspace solution that keeps all corporate email, documents, data and applications encrypted, contained and under IT control on the latest iOS and Android devices. It provides a secure and controlled environment where all business applications remain separated and protected from the personal side of the device.


MethodwareRisk and Compliance Challenges for 2013 in the UK Financial Sector

Overall, the risk and compliance programmes at most organisations continue to grow in maturity and effectiveness, but everyone has room for improvement. Developing a deeper understanding of your data to make better, more timely decisions; streamlining your processes and functions to increase the efficiency and output of your teams; strengthening your defences to recover more of your losses and prevent new ones – there are many successful strategies to pursue.


SDG CorpRisk Management in a Hyper-Connected World

Gaining visibility into and control over a huge range of internal and external risks is a top priority of corporations today. With the recent jump in regulatory mandates and increasingly active shareholders, many organizations have become sensitized to identifying areas of risk in their business, including financial, operational, IT, brand, and reputation-related risk.


FireEyeAdvanced Targeted Attacks: How to Protect Against the Next Generation of Cyber Attacks

Despite spending more than $20 billion annually on IT security, over 95 percent of companies harbor advanced malware within their networks. Learn how to combat the cybercriminals that continue to outsmart older, signature-based security technologies.


www.lockpath.comUnlock the Power of the UCF to Solve Complex Compliance Issues

Managing compliance is tedious, time consuming and complex. Organizations are required to comply with multiple sets of external regulations encompassing hundreds, if not thousands, of individual controls scoped with varying applicability across multiple geographic locations and business units. To add to the confusion, this compliance is a constantly shifting target. The Unified Compliance Framework (UCF) eases the burden by giving organizations a defined set of common "harmonized" controls covering more than 500 separate regulations.


IntelReducing PCI DSS Scope: The Gateway Approach

Organizations that process credit card information are confronted with the issue of PCI DSS "scope," which refers to all components of a computing network that directly or indirectly handle card data.


www.forescout.comIDC Report: Architecting a Flexible Bring Your Own Device Strategy

Written by security industry analyst Phil Hochmuth of IDC, reviews BYOD trends and risks, the mobile security landscape, policy development and control options. The report presents a tiered service approach to enterprise mobile security while exploring how NAC and MDM as complementary controls can offer necessary network and device level defenses to enable IT organizations to realize mobility advantages and reduce security and compliance exposures.


www.fixmo.comMobile Security and Risk Management

The proliferation of smartphones, tablets, mobile apps and BYOD policies are revolutionizing the way we work, but are also exposing organizations to increased operational risk and a growing range of security threats. Read this white paper for a comprehensive approach to mobile security, risk management and compliance for the new era of mobile computing and BYOD in the workplace.


www.boxtone.comEnforce enterprise security in the new mobile world: Mobile security compliance for personal device use and apps

This technical white paper drills down on how IT organizations can use BoxTone's enterprise-grade capabilities in addition to IT GRC (Governance, Risk management and Compliance) and SIEM (Security Incident and Event Management) systems to mitigate security risks, prevent data breaches, and block unauthorized access to corporate networks via iPhone, iPad, Android and other mobile devices.


www.forescout.comNetwork Security in the Age of *Any* Computing

Risks and Options to Control Mobile, Wireless and Endpoint Devices

Written by distinguished security industry analyst Mike Rothman of Securosis


www.fixmo.comMobile Risk Management: Executive Overview

This executive presentation gives an overview on how to protect your devices, defend your data, maintain and prove regulatory compliance, and manage your risks while embracing a wide range of mobile devices and apps.

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