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www.forescout.comNetwork Security in the Age of *Any* Computing

Risks and Options to Control Mobile, Wireless and Endpoint Devices

Written by distinguished security industry analyst Mike Rothman of Securosis


www.fixmo.comMobile Risk Management: Executive Overview

This executive presentation gives an overview on how to protect your devices, defend your data, maintain and prove regulatory compliance, and manage your risks while embracing a wide range of mobile devices and apps.


www.boxtone.comCISO Handbook: Enterprise iPhone & iPad Security & Compliance

Focused on protecting corporate information as your workforce goes mobile, this CISO Handbook explains:


www.fixmo.comMobile Risk Insider

The Mobile Risk Insider newsletter is designed for Fixmo's customers and partners, as well as anyone in the industry that cares about mobile security, risk management and compliance. It will offer insights and editorial on the latest news and headlines from Fixmo as well as the worlds of mobile risk management and mobile security. Each issue will provide a snapshot of Fixmo's recent product announcements and updates, the top rated posts from our online blog, elevant industry news and more.


www.lockpath.comEnabling ISO/IEC 31000 Adoption with the LockPath Keylight Platform

An increasingly common question is "How do I implement ISO 31000 with your Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) platform?" This white paper introduces in broad strokes the purpose and approach of ISO 31000.


www.lockpath.comLeveraging GRC for PCI DSS Compliance

Historically, one of the biggest problems with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance initiatives has been conducting it as a one-off security effort, treating the standard as a unique and independent set of requirements instead of integrating the requirements into a holistic GRC program.


Software AGHow to Implement Effective Enterprise Risk Management

Over the past few years, organizations are more focused on "being in control." They are increasingly—often forced by regulations—building and implementing processes that underpin the company's "In Control Statement". The inevitable extra costs and efforts are often seen as a burden, distracting people from what they should focus on: doing business!


SDG CorpHow to Effectively Manage the Compliance Lifecycle

In today's world of high uncertainty, rapid economic changes, and increasingly complex regulations, compliance has become a permanent part of doing business. Juggling the requirements of industry regulations, data privacy laws, and government mandates is no easy task, and maintaining ongoing compliance is complicated by constant changes, amendments, and overlaps. What's more, as regulations increase, the resources needed to comply with them increase as well – and so do the stakes.


Software AGAnalyzing the effects of risks and controls in business processes

Despite its growing maturity, simulation is still regarded by some as being complicated and impractical from a management perspective, even through the downfalls in static analysis of risk positions pertaining to business processes, projects, insurances or trading are well documented. Simulation is still perceived by some as an approach which involves too much data, too much expertise, and specialist skill sets to implement.


SDG CorpThe Value of a Unified Security Platform

Businesses today have a multitude of security tools and technologies spread across the enterprise. As a result, most IT organizations must work with a security posture cobbled together from so many individual solutions that it is impossible to get a unified view at any given point in time. Given the amount of data generated by security tools, vulnerability tools, policy violations, highly privileged access reviews, and more, organizations need a structured way to understand their security posture.


Software AGBow Tie Methodology with the ARIS Governance, Risk and Compliance Solution

In risk intensive businesses like the energy sector, a new risk analysis and description methodology has become more and more popular – Bow Tie diagrams. The success of this diagram lies in its clear structure and simplicity which is easy for the non-specialist to understand, but still has sufficient depth for an expert discussion.


BrainloopEnterprise Information Security Options for 2012

As organizations increasingly participate in a collaborative economy, sharing documents becomes ever more crucial. Documents travel farther and wider than ever before due to expanding corporate ecosystems and increasingly virtualized business networks encompassing more partners, joint ventures, and collaborative projects.

BrainloopTen Questions to Identify Compliance Risks When Sharing Information

Corporate and regulatory compliance policies have forced companies to ensure that information flows are documented, auditable, and highly secure. Yet in order to conduct their business, companies must share sensitive information outside the firewall, introducing serious potential information risk.


Tokenization PerspectiveTokenization is About More Than PCI Compliance – It's a Strategic Business Decision

Heightened merchant concerns over securing sensitive cardholder information, as well as new Payment Card Industry (PCI) security mandates, have driven demand for integrated card data protection solutions. These concerns are well justified.

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