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Risk-Based ePHI Security Planning

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Evolving Payment Security

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Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

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Rethinking Email Security

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Enabling Business Agility

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Lessons from the Target Data Breach

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Osterman Research Blog
A blog focused on messaging, Web, social networking and collaboration issues, including email, instant messaging, VoIP, Web conferencing and other technologies that help people communicate more efficiently and effectively.

  • Are you asking – and can you answer – some important questions?
    Obviously, information security and risk management are critical issues for any organization, regardless of its size or the industry in which it participates. But maintaining the security of your information and others’ information that you possess, as well as mitigating the risk associated with data breaches, is difficult and getting tougher all the time. This […]

  • Organizations’ Plans for Archive Migration
    In late May 2014, Osterman Research conducted an in-depth survey of 164 organizations and their archiving system migration plans. We surveyed primarily mid-sized and large organizations across a wide range of industries. Key findings from the research include the following: The typical archiving solution has been in place four years and eight months (median is […]

  • The Next Phase of Email
    Osterman Research conducted a survey during March 2014 with 294 information workers to determine how they employ email, how they manage various information-focused work processes, and the changes they would like to see in these processes. Our research found that according to most corporate decision makers and influencers, email is the single most important application […]

  • Are Extroverts a Threat to Your Corporate Security?
    There has been substantial press coverage about how recruiters examine job candidates’ social media profiles to gain a bit more insight about prospective employees. While the merits and ethics of doing so are subject to substantial debate, there is evidence to suggest that social media can provide some interesting clues about how vulnerable some people […]

  • Some Thoughts on EMC World
    Years ago I worked for Dr. John Ryan, a very bright man who is now a senior manager at Google. He would periodically mention in talks that fighter jets are getting lighter and faster over time, so much so that if you extrapolated their weight and speed far enough into the future, they would eventually […]

  • Messaging in the Healthcare Industry
    We have recently conducted a healthcare-focused survey for Netmail and found that HIPAA violations are just waiting to happen. For example, our research found that: 33% of the organizations we surveyed do not have a data loss prevention (DLP) solution that will monitor outbound email for potential HIPAA/HITECH violations. 20% have not established any anti-spam, […]

  • Bad Actors Work Well Outside of Hollywood
    Criminals and other bad actors are rapidly evolving their online identity fraud techniques to move quickly and commit their crimes. More hackers and bad actors are attacking enterprises than ever before, fueling a sense of urgency around finding timely solutions to reduce risk for online services, credit card processors, e-commerce merchants and consumers. Consequences include: […]

  • What Happens When You Leave (Either Your Company or Earth)?
    Years ago, a New Yorker (?) cartoon depicted a widow and her deceased husband’s boss standing at the graveside of the newly departed. The boss turned to the now-deceased employee’s wife and asked, “I know this is an awkward time, but did he ever mention source code?” Somewhat in that vein, I had an interesting […]

  • Should You Archive Social Media Content?
    Many organizations are not aware of their regulatory obligations to retain social media, but this can result in serious problems. While the focus of social media management and control is today skewed heavily toward financial services, there is growing expansion into other heavily regulated industries, as well. Archiving is an essential component of social media […]

  • Smarter Authentication
    Robust and reliable authentication is the essential first line of security for any application or system. Make authentication too difficult and users won’t use your solution, make it too easy and bad guys will. There are various flavors of authentication, from simple username/passwords solutions through multi-factor and risk-based authentication systems that provide very high levels […]