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PCI 3.0 and VISA in 2015

Live Webcast!             Join our expert roundtable as we give some tips to prepare for PCI DSS 3.0 and…

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Securing Payments in 2015

Live Webcast!             Join us as we explain how to implement EMV, End-to-end encryption (E2EE), and Tokenization.

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Tim Cole

  • Stopping a Clapper Over WikiLeaks
    The U.S. government announced plans to put in place within the next five years measures designed to make it impossible to pass on sensitive information to the likes of WikiLeaks. They hope to accomplish this by “tagging” information so it can be tracked in case someone shares it with outsiders. The idea of creating “information-rich […]

  • Slipsliding away from passwords
    Tell me a story! Everybody hates passwords, because there so many of them and keeping track is tricky. And of course we all know that passwords are inherently insecure, so we would all be better off with something else. Nowadays, there’s another reason to hate password, namely the perfusion of smartphones and other mobile devices […]

  • IT Security’s little “Pulchinella Secret”
    The European Identity Conference EIC, which recently ended here in Munich, had many highlights, but for me personally the very best was the keynote by the Italian psychologist Dr. Emilio Mordini, CEO of the Centre for Science, Society and Citizenship CSSC in Rome, which he describes as a leading independent research centre specializing in advice […]

  • Welcome Craig Burton!
    Today marks a milestone in the history of KuppingerCole, since today is the day we welcome the youngest member of our team. Did I say “young”? Sorry, wrong word. Of course he isn’t really the oldest – that’s still me. But he ain’t exactly no spring chicken, either. I’m talking about Craig Burton, of course. […]

  • Pretzels in the Cloud
    You know you’re at a real nerdfest when the conference catering consists of large pretzels and candybars. This tweet by some unknown delegate just about captures my own impression of TEC 2011. Measured in terms of techies per square feet, this simply has to be the geekiest conference in the galaxy. For me as an […]

  • The Sandmen Cometh
    “Silicon-based lifeforms” is a term Ray Bradbury might have used to great effect. “Invasion of the Sand Beings” would have made a great sci-fi title. Just imagine the film trailer: “They’re awesome! They’re everywhere! They’re made of silicon! They’re indestructable!” So imagine my surprise hearing what seemed at first to be a level-headed CEO explaining […]

  • Having the right conversation on online banking security
    Sometimes the most interesting conversations are about something you never really expected to discuss, but I digress. No, seriously: You sometimes get sidetracked on a topic that becomes so fascinating that your meeting is almost over before you get back to what you really wanted to talk about. Take for instance a conversation I had […]

  • Your law or mine in the Cloud?
    Where in the Cloud am I? And more importantly: Where are my data? I know that many managers and CIOs are asking themselves similar questions. In fact, as I have posted before, a colleague of mine put that question to Martin Jetter, CEO of IBM Germany, at a briefing about a year ago, namely: “If […]

  • Is encryption really the cure for what ails ya in the Cloud?
    Almost two years ago, I blogged about a conversation I had with Martin (“Tall Martin”) Buhr about Cloud Security. At the time, he was the European head of Amazon’s Web Services, and he has recently moved on to Nimbula (“the Cloud Operating System company”) as head of sales and business development, but his words came […]

  • Security or a ham sandwich?
    When identity pros get together and let their hair down, they like to swap stories about all the dumb and/or ill-advised things people do with their passwords. BBC famously sent a camera team out to interview folks on the streets on London, asking them to reveal their user names and passwords and offering them a […]