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EMV and Mobile Payment in 2015

Live Webcast!             Join our expert roundtable as we give some top security guidelines for EMV

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Don't Be Another Headline

On-Demand               Learn how to implement data security best practices and view now!

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Are You Securing Hadoop?

On-Demand               Learn about Securing Hadoop by adopting a Data-Centric Approach.

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Building a Secure, Compliant Cloud.

On-Demand               Play and now learn the key concepts and best practices to build your…

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  • Thomas Piketty and the money illusion

    In his book “Capital in the Twenty-First Century”, the French economist Thomas Piketty gives a stunning demonstration of how capital has become concentrated in the hands of a few and grown faster than the economy, except during the 30 years of post-war growth. This trend has inevitably made the rich even richer and caused the inequality gap to widen. Labour has thus become a casualty of capital. Piketty is fascinating. I had the occasion to be a modest participant at his side in a…

  • The Risk & Compliance Platform Europe

    Dear ladies and gentlemen,

    My name is Michel Klompmaker and I am the Managing Director of the Risk & Compliance Platform Europe.

    Hereby I would like to welcome all who are interested in the field of Risk & Compliance to visit our website. This is an interactive website where we upload whitepapers, top stories (interviews and in-depth articles) and blogs about all aspects related to Risk & Compliance.

    You can see the website here:…

  • ERM: 4 Predictions for 2015

    The year 2014 has come and nearly gone, and it’s clear that enterprise risk management will not go quietly into the night. Following a 2013 that saw Edward Snowden NSA leaks, a Carnival Cruise line generator fire, and Target’s credit card heist (to name only a signature few), this year has proven to be no slouch: FINRA has disciplined thousands of companies with over $34 million in fines, Home Depot and…

  • Get Rid of Your Fraud Problem Once and For All

    E-commerce sites, banking institutions, crypto-currency trading platforms, ride sharing applications, and virtually all financial products are subject to soberingly high rates of fraud. The internet paved the…

  • Learn the Most Advanced Business Strategy in the World called The Delta Model: Putting Customers before Products



  • How The Full-Grown Quality Company Delivers Superior Performance And Customer Bonding: Second Part

    A full-grown organization is customer-driven. Because it is customer driven, it is organized to discharge the processes that meet customer requirements. Processes that meet customer requirements are at the organization's core; the organization is organized around them. This is possible because:

    • Customer unique requirements are understood, including setting…