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Rethinking Email Security

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Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

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Enabling Business Agility

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Lessons from the Target Data Breach

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Everyone's Blog Posts - GlobalRisk community

  • How GRC Fails to Capture Enterprise Risk

    Governance functions are designed to manage risks that organizations face in operational and back office silos - financial misstatements, fraud, vendor management, disaster recovery, and other activities are all designed to address a subset of an organization’s risk profile. The concept of Enterprise Risk…


    Don’t you hate it when you are watching a news on television via SKYPE and the topic is interesting unfortunately the host cuts its off saying ’am sorry folks…we have lost contact with our correspondent in Abuja’ or when you have to change your location during a phone conversation because you cannot hear the other person clearly

    Now this could be due to network problem or any other issue

    Introducing the VOICE STREAM APP

    This is a downloadable app on your device that allows…

  • Quiker app



    The quicker application was used in the time of king pharaoh when Egypt was in need of a savior.

    First account of when and where it was used came according to the bible and history

    when mosses was born and placed in a basket his ,mother was too afraid to let him stay with her as the king had…

  • Crown Equity Holdings CRWE-PR Network Reaches Milestone of 400 U.S. Community Websites

    Crown Equity Holdings Inc. (OTCQB: CRWE) has been experiencing momentum that coincides with the development of the  CRWE-PR Network

    The network is a portal for local news, city data and content of interest within the community. Communities are searchable by name and zip code.

    National, world, sports and general topics are also covered with up to the minute updates across all sites. The CRWE PR Network offers  - local business listings,…

  • Options and asset allocation

    How do you place a value on options positions within a portfolio? Actually, because of the nature of options it is extremely difficult – if not impossible – to accurately balance an asset allocation target that includes derivatives.

    For example, a portfolio of $1 million specified the following targets:

    Large-cap equities                   30%

    Mid-cap equities                      10

    International equities      …

  • Options – 3 ways to resist temptation

    So many traders start out with a sensible plan, only to abandon it because of the way the markets move. This abandonment of a smart plan invariably leads to potentially small added gains but large added losses.

    In entering a trade, it is sensible to set two goals: the point where profits will be taken, and the bail-out point where losses will be cut. If you buy a long option, you should know going in that 75% of options expire…