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Enabling Risk Based IT Gov

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A Breach Prevention Plan

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Best Practices for eGRC

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The Elements of Privacy Risk

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Everyone's Blog Posts - GlobalRisk community

  • My Newly Published Book

    Hi All,


    My book “Risk-based Management in the World of Threats and Opportunities: A project Controls Perspective” is now officially published and

    is available in Kindle Edition (e-book). Hard copies will also be available via Amazon’s print-on-demand platform in the next 3 to 5 days.


    Please follow the hyperlink for more information.

    1)    …

  • Risk-based Management in the World of Threats and Opportunities: A Project Controls Perspective

    What is risk-based management (RBM) to you? Do you have a good understanding of this concept, and how it is applied? Do you think what you have right now is the best? Do you think that RBM is the best and only approach? Do you think it is one of the best? How do you apply it in project management?

    RBM is serious approach and a philosophy that considers risks while managing any project endeavor throughout its lifecycle. Management by objectives is still present, but with more…

  • An ode to Angry Drivers

    “Wes” is a professional man who, if you saw walking on the street, you‘d easily imagine being jumped by a few teen punks and getting beaten up for his wallet. Wes is nearing retirement age, has a potbelly, doesn‘t work out, has grey hair—hardly an imposing figure.

    But look out when he gets behind the wheel of his car. Cut him off and he‘ll give you the finger and holler out obscenities.

    “Dan” has two cars: an old beater and a corvette. He‘s mellow in the…

  • How the Law Is Used to Destroy Equality and Protect the Powerful

    Enrique Suarez Presenting

    How the Law Is Used to Destroy…

  • ERM Report: Retail Industry & Integrated Risk Management

     [Editor’s Note: Organizations have become myopic with GRC solutions, and they can no longer see the forest through the trees. Our new series, brought to you by the LogicManager Analyst Team, will keep you up to date with real world examples of risk management failures, and how ERM could have prevented…

  • The Internet Of Things (IoT) Has Arrived - What You Should Know

     The Internet Of Things (IoT) Has Arrived - What You Should Know

    by Chuck Brooks

    We have entered a new era of scientific breakthroughs and technological applications that will change…