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Risk-Based ePHI Security Planning

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Evolving Payment Security

On-Demand               Join us to learn about EMV & Payment Security, and what this evolution…

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Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

On-Demand               Play and learn how to develop a metric-driven BCM program!

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Rethinking Email Security

On-Demand               Play and learn the key concepts and best practices to protect and maintain…

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Enabling Business Agility

On-Demand               Play and learn how to protect data assets with a new data de-identification…

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Lessons from the Target Data Breach

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Everyone's Blog Posts - GlobalRisk community

  • The perfector

    Did anyone read this article posted on july 10 2014 well this is exactly what am trying to expand on right now.

    Events in the natural world have been condensed into the real world. What is the real world? A world that is all about data, capturing, digits.

    When a group is on something of interest we use…

  • RA 10641 Supports ASEAN Financial Integration

    Recently Philippines passed into law Republic Act 10641 allowing full entry of foreign banks in the Philippines. The act is an amendment to an older RA 7721 which was passed way back in May 1994 which allowed foreign ownership of up to 60% of an existing bank or subsidiary, but limiting the entry to 1 entity.…

  • The Yin and Yang of Inflation

    Inflation like all risk is a double edge sword. Its negative nature will upset the apple cart and pose uncomfortable challenges for SME managers that have grown accustomed to the status quo.

    It will force managers to reconsider their well conceived business plans and perhaps more closely scrutinize…

  • Why are so many companies missing the point? ERM’s Role in Risk Prevention

    Regardless of guilt or innocence, FedEx’s recent indictment has reminded us that in today’s world of complex global interactions and increased regulations, organizations must have a strong handle on interrelated risk, business processes, and relationships.

    This past week,…

  • Risk Appetite in IT operations

    Assessing and measuring risk appetite away from an investment portfolio is perhaps one of the most difficult risk management initiatives practitioners have to entertain, it is also discussed often on risk forums and written about avidly by many consulting firms.

    In this article we release a white paper that steps through the entire process of measuring and assessing…

  • Aligning Risk Managament with Board - Interview with Matteo Vigo from Barilla

    We had a quick chat with Matteo Vigo, Risk Management Director at Barilla. Check out the interview below.

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