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Everyone's Blog Posts - GlobalRisk community

  • Food For Thought – Pare Back Complexity

    In my Trusted Advisor program I discuss the concept of wisdom with participants.  We draw out what it means and what it looks like.  I always ensure that simplicity gets onto the whiteboard.  At the end of the day, we all know that when we hear about something new that is very, very simple we are singularly impressed.

    For many of us we have created complexity in what we do or deliver for seemingly many good reasons.  Take aircraft for example.  Around a century ago we went from a…

  • Alternative payments Part 4: Searching for the perfect payment solution

    The market size and app richness in the new payments area begs the question, where is this all going? And what should the perfect payment solution of the future look like? In this final part of the blog series I look at issues that should be addressed to fast-forward the way we conduct payments.

    1. (Sore) Point of Sale technology

      If merchants are not convinced that new POS solutions will give them an advantage, wider distribution will be hard to achieve.…

  • Is it a benefit or risk to have audit and risk come together at one point in an organisation?

    To clarify, the question I am asking is twofold.  One relates to the perceptions created for the end client, management and the Board.  The second relates to governance.

    Taking the second question first, does having risk and audit report through to one person mean that that person has a conflict of interest? When might this be the case?  Under what circumstances?  Does it depend on the specific arrangements for risk and audit or is it simply better practice to not have them…

  • How Risk Management Technology Projects Succeed

    CMS Wire's Norman Marks recent article, "Why Risk Management Technology Projects Fail," captures a common but limited viewpoint of Risk Management that limits its ability to succeed in any environment, whether supported by software, spreadsheets, or pen…

  • Confessions of a naked wallet. Cashless and cardless on the streets of Germany

    In the third of a four-part series, Markus Sander tests the latest payments innovations. This week: cashless and cardless payments.

    Having equipped my phone with an NFC sticker (there are smartphone manufacturers that don’t see the need to integrate NFC into their ecosystem), I updated my six money apps, activated four mobile wallet solutions and was good to go.

    My user…

  • My First Post in Global Risk Community

    I'd like to introduce myself in this post. Having served in Defense for 20 years, I gained lots of experience in Crisis Management and Risk Management. Those experiences helped me in many other areas of life and profession. In Production, Marketing, and in Management I applied my previous experience and could get through successfully. I found the Global Risk community interesting and packed with lots of information. I also write of several sites on Various topics. I have written more…